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mx120 ssd serverA good website needs more than just good design. It needs a good hosting solution. Netwise Multimedia can offer you a website hosting solution to suite your website needs.

Hosting your e-mail on our dedicated server means no more mail queues. An email sent to a colleague on your domain can arrive in seconds. It's just like having your very own in-house mail server, but without the maintenance costs and technical hassles that go with this. Depending on the solution you choose, you can have as many mail boxes as you need. We also offer web-based mail access for when you are travelling.

Located as a tier 1 server on the Xneelo Internet backbone, our Linux hosting servers offer you all the power that your website will need to make its mark. Our web hosting is uniquely situated to maximise international demand for quick loading and browsing. No matter where your clients are located because of strategic provisioning, our servers make use of several of South Africa's international bandwidth cables to guarantee excellent accessibility at all times.

Finally, to ensure that no information gets lost, all sites and email on the server are backed up regularly in secure locations in case of an emergency.

Here are our awesome hosting options.


 Standard Business Hosting
  Commercial Business Hosting
R 168.00   from R 199.00     
Up to 10Gb Space   Up to 20Gb Space
Unlimited Mailboxes
  Unlimited Mailboxes    
Unlimited forwarders and aliases
  Unlimited forwarders and aliases    
Hosted on a dedicated server   Hosted on a dedicated server  
Free SSL certificate included
  Free SSL certificate included    
Firewall protection   Firewall protection    
14 day's backups
  14 day's backups    
Anti-hacking guarantee*   Anti-hacking guarantee*    
Website Backups   Website Backups    
Back End login   Back End Login    

* Our guarantee states if a website is hacked and reported within 14 days we take responsibility for reparing or replacing the website.


How do our hosting solutions compare to other providers?

Our clients enjoy the highest of standards when it comes to hosting. Compare us with other hosting providers out there please view our hosting comparison list.